Blending Tutorial - ♥

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Blending Tutorial - ♥

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:39 pm

Supplies needed:

For Blend 
3 graphics from the same artist 
I mask of choice

For My tag 
your blend  and 1 tube from same artist or artists that allows mixing
I used the work of Barbara Jensen and Darren Hiles 
I have liscences to use these images, please do not use them if you do not have the appropriate liscence

WSL mask 145 which you can obtain from here Weescotslass Tutorials

Yes You can Blend

1. Open new Image, my size was 600 by 250 

2. Lay 2 of your graphics side by side. The features you want to keep in your final image should be near the edge but not too close to  it like this 

3. Highlighting one of your  chosen image layers go to selections -select all- float - defloat - Modify -Inside/Outside feather - mine was set at 50. 

4. Selections - Invert Selection then press your delete button on keypad until you have a misted image that fills half of your work area, ensuring the edges of your image have disappeared/become misted

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on your other image layer,   - If your background is too big just crop some of it out - you can merge visible at this point but keeping it in layers gives you more flexibility. You should now have something looking similar to this:

6. Paste your final graphic onto this image as a new layer so that it just covers the middle joining of the other two graphics. I had to resize my final graphic to achieve this 

7. Repeat Step 3 until happy, arrange layers as you want them you can merge visible or play around still. This is what I have at this stage:

There you go you can blend. At this stage you could go off and do your own thing to the image and probably end up with a better tag than me lol...... try adding a coloured layer,some filter effects for texture then lower the opacity of your coloured layer. You could add a frame or a mask or a scrapkit. 

To continue with my tag read on

8.  Merge visible if you have not already, Apply Mask WSL 145 - right click on layer - merge group

9. Apply - Effects - Texture effects - Blinds my settings were width 2, opacity 18, colour black, horizontal and light from left/top both ticked 
I now have this:

10. Add Tube of Choice 

11. Add new layer a fill with colour of your choice for background. right click on layer palette Send to bottom

12. Merge All and resize to your preferred tag size.

13. Add Text Name/Saying - I used Smudger LET then added the same blinds effect used earlier 

14 Add all copyright information

15 Celebrate you're finished


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